SAPHO - Czech producer of bathroom furniture

The Czech company SAPHO has been producing high quality bathroom furniture for over 20 years. The company´s range is characterized by a high product variety. From its own design series of bathroom furniture following the minimalistic trends of contemporary bathroom interiors, through retro style, to classic bathrooms. By purchasing the SAPHO furniture you support the craft of the Czech people. The production takes place in the Czech Republic, the factory is located near Brno.



Did you know that...

SAPHO furniture is manufactured of materials suitable for areas with high humidity?

  • Special laminate with a higher resistance to moisture
  • MDF-board coated with a 2-component paint
  • Rockstone boards 100% moisture-resistant
  • Glass boards
  • Stainless steel

In any case, the bathroom must be properly ventilated and heated.

You should select the bathroom furniture before preparing the plumbing and electrics.

  • The hung types are secured with using anchor bolts into the wall. If the wall is made of plaster, strengthening the wall construction must be prepared in advance.
  • Some series of washbasin cabinets are a little bit lower and the height of the water supply and waste is not standard.
  • When deciding about sockets and switches you need to know the type and positioning of additional mirrors and cabinets.
  • The location of outlets for lighting above the mirror depend directly on the type of the mirror and light.

SAPHO furniture is equipped with drawer slides with a soft close system and automatic closing system.

  • These systems ensure a comfortable and quiet use of the furniture.

LED lighting is 10 times more efficient than the classic bulbs and has up to 100 times longer life?

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