General information 3D models and technical drawings of our products are available to designers and architects for architectural designing and perfect visualisation of bathrooms. You can find the 3D models at in the support section. UBC s.r.o. 250 65 Líbeznice, Mělnická 87, tel.: +420 283 090 760, fax: +420 283 090 761, e-mail: , VAT Explanatory notes: Learn more on the website Extended warranty 6 years New product Designer product LED lighting Surface treatment against imprints Product tip Prices are quoted in EUR, FCA supplier´s warehouse and exclude VAT. Maximum care has been taken in the preparation of this catalogue, however, some changes might not be mentioned and may occur after publication of the printed catalogue. The design and technical specification of the products are being constantly improved. UBC assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions in this publication! The product range, prices or delivery times may change during the validity of this catalogue. Please verify all current information in our B2B system. The information in the B2B system are always current and valid and take precedence over the information in the printed catalogue! This price list comes into force on March 1 2019, and invalidates all previous price lists. UBC provides warranty in the following range: Water taps and valves SAPHO – 6 lyears for tightness, 2 years for surface treatment and other parts (diverters, thermostatic cartridges etc.) Water taps DIMY, NOTIS, VIENNA, SASSARI – 5 years for tightness, 2 years for surface treatment and other parts (diverters) Water taps and valves EFFEPI – 10 years for tightness, 2 years for surface treatment and other parts (diverters) Free warranty service for taps from this catalogue will be provided at the place where the product is installed. Post-warranty service possible for a fee. Bathroom accessories SAPHO – 10 years for surface treatment (2 years for replacement dispenser pumps and toilet brushes) Acrylic bathtubs POLYSAN – 10 years Shower enclosures and trays GELCO – 3 years Electric floor heating –WARM TILES – 10 years LED bulbs SAPHO – 3 years Soft close Control by rotating 90° 90° Installation without drilling Tap witch thermostatic disc Available in other RAL colors Stainless steel Brass Blum runners Sensor control Possible rotating 90° Handless opening system„push system TIP-ON“ Bespoke options Aluminium Hetich runners Silent mechanism Available in other RAL colors and wood decors Heating connection sets with thermostat Soft close hinges Prices in this catalogue are quoted EXCLUDING VAT, unless otherwise specified.. 552